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Green Technologies Business Plan Development

Our experience in green technologies spans the following areas:

Clean Tech Business Plans
  • Solar Energy
  • Wind Energy
  • Geothermal Energy
  • Biofuels
  • Fuel Cell Technologies
  • Energy Conservation
  • Recycling
  • Water Purification / Desalination
  • Emissions Control
  • Climate Control Systems

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Green Technology Industry Experience

Our experience in green tech, either as consultants, entrepreneurs, or employees in the industry, includes the following:

  • Waste-to-Energy Processing Plant: Developed operating business plan for a waste-to-energy technology company. Through use of the business plan the client was able to secure a $1.3 billion government contract to build a sustainable waste-to-energy processing plant in Amman, Jordan.
  • Hybrid Battery Technology: Developed business plan for high growth cleantech startup with the most advanced end-to-end commercial-grade hybrid marine solution in the world.
  • Solar Energy Infrastructure: Developed a business plan and financial forecast for a leading solar electric design and engineering firm that supplies sophisticated products and services supporting commercial-grade photovoltaic energy production. The company's contract services include feasibility studies, system design, testing, and commissioning. Projects have been completed for a number of high-profile Fortune 2000 clients.
  • Solar Engineering Company: Served as VP of operations for a solar engineering company that engineered and delivered residential and commercial solar photovoltaic power systems in southern California.
  • Water Purification Technology: Prepared a business plan, financial forecast, investor presentation, and supporting materials for LightStream Technologies, a developer of advanced water disinfection systems. The company's unique Pulsed UV technology, backed by $14 million in R&D since 1998, overcomes the hazards associated with conventional chlorine and mercury UV disinfection, and is more economical than ozone, mercury UV, and membrane disinfection. LightStream's CEO remarked: "If you're time is valuable and you need a professional business plan, call this guy. He's the best I've seen."
  • Water Purification Infrastructure: Conducted needs assessments with more than 500 water plant operators, policy makers, and regulators in 28 countries including Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, China, India, Vietnam, Spain, France, Italy, UK, Ireland, Croatia, Poland, and the United States.
  • Wastewater Treatment Infrastructure: Evaluated the merits of a 20-year proposal to design, build, and operate a multinational municipal wastewater treatment facility on behalf of several U.S. Federal government agencies. Functioned as the chief negotiator on behalf of the U.S. government to minimize the proposed cost by approximately $1.5 billion, a nearly 50% reduction from the contractor's original proposal.
  • Green Energy & Waste Management: Prepared a business plan and financial forecast for facilities and infrastructure to convert municipal waste into clean energy and usable by-products in cities across China. "For this major project, it was critical to develop polished, compelling presentation materials," said William Minot, Managing Partner of Conversion Consultants. "Cayenne conveyed a thorough understanding of our needs, product, and market, and the work was excellent. We loved our consultant and appreciate the responsiveness we received throughout the engagement."
  • Geothermal Energy Production: Prepared a business plan, several financial models, and supporting materials for Deluge, Inc., developer of the Natural Energy Engine™, the innovative thermal hydraulic engine that won the prestigious Federal Laboratories Consortium's 2005 Outstanding Technology Development Award for producing mechanical energy using geothermal heat as its sole source of energy. The engine has numerous applications such as electricity production, water desalination, and petroleum extraction. Brian Hageman, CEO of the company and inventor of the NE Engine said, "The comprehensive business plan developed for Deluge by Cayenne Consulting will assist our company in moving forward with other commercial applications. Cayenne's financial forecasts have proven to be a valuable tool. We are very happy with the quality of Cayenne's professional services."
  • Green Hotel Construction & Operation: Developed a business plan and financial forecast for Atman Hospitality Group, a pioneer in the green hotel industry. It is the world's first green hotel chain and the only one to win the coveted LEED Gold certification, a national standard awarded by the U.S. Green Building Council. Atman is working to transform consciousness about social responsibility while offering their guests a unique experience of responsible luxury. Yuan-Sing Chang, Vice President, wrote "We needed a business plan which could communicate our message of industry transformation alongside the dollars-and-cents story of running a profitable hotel chain. Our Cayenne consultant effectively captured the many exciting facets of our business through a colorful business plan, while presenting a compelling business case for our continued growth. I'm pleased with the way everything turned out."
  • Thermal Energy Technology: Served as contract CFO at Trinity Thermal Systems, a startup thermal energy storage technology firm. Created business plan, pro forma financial projections, investor presentations, and offering memorandum. Identified and contacted potential investors. Presented business plan and investment proposal to investors, angel groups, and venture capital firms.
  • Wind Energy Production: Served as contract CFO at Carter Wind Energy. Designed complex engineering and financial models, including a National Renewable Energy Laboratories compliant model that calculated energy production and power density curves for megawatt-sized wind turbines. Created twenty-year life cycle costing and cost of energy model and five-year projected income statements, cash flow statements, balance sheets, capital expenditure, and depreciation schedules for wind turbine manufacturing plant and wind farms.
  • Coal Processing: Rewrote and simplified offering memorandum for a program to cleanly convert coal into petroleum products, natural gas, electric power and nitrogen fertilizers. The favorable economics are amplified by an innovative financing structure.
  • Biomass & Biodiesel Production: Prepared business plans and financial forecasts for several biofuel production plants employing modular design and construction methods in California and Hawaii.
  • Wind Energy Technology: Developed a business plan and financial forecast for a startup that designed a highly efficient, cost effective wind and water turbine technology.
  • Energy Efficient Lighting: Prepared a business plan and financial forecast for Journee Lighting, a developer and manufacturer of energy efficient specialty lighting for demanding applications such as display lighting and museum artifact illumination. The light source is a spectrum selectable LED with an onboard semiconductor-based control system. Journee's products emit no infrared or ultraviolet energy, bringing a new level of energy efficiency both in energy consumed and heat dissipated. "I was extremely pleased with the service and expertise that Tom provided! I have already started to recommend him to my friends/associates. My SBA Loan was just approved today! You are very fortunate to have someone of Tom's caliber on your team," said Clayton Alexander, founder of Journee Lighting.
  • Environmental Controls: Prepared a business plan, financial forecast, and investor presentation for Ligare Systems, a company that develops and markets environmental control systems offering centralized control of residential zoned HVAC, security, irrigation, lighting, entertainment, and other systems. "We were amazed by how little effort was required on our part to have Cayenne prepare these materials. We exchanged a few phone calls and e-mails, and they handled the rest. The results were clear, professional, and persuasive, and the investors and advisors who have seen the materials loved them," said Lisa Kenney, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "They know what investors want, and they delivered."
  • Energy Economics: Developed analysis and econometric models of world and regional energy demand differentials, oil price differentials, and integrated oil/alternative energy industry capital investment feedback cycle; resulted in rational energy industry equity portfolio strategy.
  • Fuel Cells: Developed market analysis and competitive assessment of technologies and companies for a fuel cell technology startup.
  • Battery Technology: Developed market analysis and competitive assessment of technologies and companies for a battery technology startup.
  • Energy Efficient Vehicles: Developed an executive summary and financial forecast for Zero Motorcycles, a California based designer and manufacturer of high performance electric motorcycles. The company's mission is to revolutionize transportation by combining the best aspects of traditional motorcycles with today's most advanced green technology.
  • Green Luxury Home Developer: Developed a strategic plan for the developer of green luxury homes in New York and Massachusetts. Coached the management team through the execution of the plan.
  • Green Construction Materials: Developed a business plan and financial forecast for StormWall Systems, a manufacturer of wall and ceiling systems for commercial and residential construction. The Company's flagship product, SWS Panel, is an environmentally conscious structural panel which can withstand earthquakes and extreme wind up to 250 mph. Its product reduces the need for drywall and plastering, and provides builders with substantial construction time and cost savings. "Cayenne delivered a first-rate, professional-looking business plan. They helped us understand our market dynamics, develop our financial projections and assess our investment requirements. Thanks for a job well done." said Scott Graham, CEO of European Operations.
  • Business Plan Competition: Currently mentoring business plan competition contestants and serving on the alumni committee for the California Clean Tech Open, an organization of leading entrepreneurs, academics, investors, and companies, working together to accelerate the development of clean technology startups.
  • Clean Tech: Served as CFO/COO Sabertec LLC, a leading manufacturer of non-catalytic particulate material/greenhouse gas reduction devices for diesel and gasoline engines.
  • Photovoltaic Solar Energy: Wrote institutional financing package for $160MM Power Purchase Agreement play for one of the world's three largest asset holders.
  • Wind Energy: Wrote business plan and financial model to raise $15MM for Central Californian wind energy company.

Note: Some items reflect experience gained by a consultant prior to his or her association with Cayenne Consulting LLC. Cayenne Consulting does not offer any services that require licensing or registration with the NASD or other federal or state authorities.

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Green Tech / Clean Tech Business Plan Consultants

Our team of green technology specialists includes the following consultants:

Roger Anderson, Ph.D. - Principal Consultant, Business Plan Consultant

Roger Anderson, Ph.D. - Principal Consultant

Orange County, CA

Roger brings over 20 years of experience in research, sales, marketing, product development, programming, and management to his consultant role. His training as a scientist increased his analytical skills and...
{ read Roger's full bio }

Ryan Chester - Principal Consultant, Business Plan Consultant

Ryan Chester - Principal Consultant

Phoenix, AZ

Ryan joined Cayenne Consulting in 2005. He has over 17 years of strategic, financial, and growth management experience in a wide variety of industries and has crafted numerous financial models and plans...
{ read Ryan's full bio }

Jon Cooper - Senior Advisor, Business Plan Consultant

Jon Cooper - Senior Advisor

Denver, CO

Jon has over 20 years of entrepreneurship, business strategy, planning, product management and marketing experience. He has started a number of companies in different industries, and worked with dozens of...
{ read Jon's full bio }

Tom Dykstra, MBA, CFPIM - Principal Consultant, Business Plan Consultant

Tom Dykstra, MBA, CFPIM - Principal Consultant

Tampa, FL

Tom has over thirty years of experience in business planning, finance, strategy development, software design, engineering management, sales, marketing, channel creation, consulting, business modeling, decision analysis, capital acquisition, and new...
{ read Tom's full bio }

Jenifer Grant, MBA - Principal Consultant, Business Plan Consultant

Jenifer Grant, MBA - Principal Consultant

New York, NY

Jenifer has been involved with finance, strategy, and marketing in a wide variety of roles and industries for over 15 years. In addition to third-party clients, she developed plans and...
{ read Jenifer's full bio }

Van Lanier, MBA, EA - Senior Advisor, Business Plan Consultant

Van Lanier, MBA, EA - Senior Advisor

Washington DC

Van is an accomplished business practitioner who helps entrepreneurs start, grow, and harvest their ventures. Van has prepared over 300 business plans, financial forecasts, and funding memorandums in industries ranging...
{ read Van's full bio }

Rick O'Hara, MBA - Principal Consultant, Business Plan Consultant

Rick O'Hara, MBA - Principal Consultant

Austin, TX

With over twenty years of experience in senior management, management consulting, strategic and business planning, financial modeling and analysis, and launching new ventures, Rick has the broad-based experience to quickly...
{ read Rick's full bio }

Adam T - Principal Consultant, Business Plan Consultant

Adam T - Principal Consultant

San Francisco, CA | São Paulo, Brazil

Adam has broad experience in new ventures and investor relations. His experience includes the positions of President/CFO at W2 Energy Development Corporation, CFO at Santa Cruz Guitar Company, and Senior...
{ read Adam's full bio }

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