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Media & Entertainment Business Plan Development

Our experience with media and entertainment ventures spans the following areas:

Media & Entertainment Business Plan Development
  • Broadcast TV & Radio Content Creation
  • Film & Animation Content Creation
  • Online Content Production
  • Book, Magazine, and Newspaper Publishing
  • Digital Content Publishing
  • Music Production & Studios
  • Artist Management & Representation
  • Advertising-Based Businesses
  • Audio Content Production
  • Console Games
  • Computer Games
  • Online Gaming
  • Mobile Gaming & Entertainment
  • Performance Art

Media & Entertainment Industry Experience

Our experience in various Media & Entertainment related fields, either as consultants, entrepreneurs, or employees in the industry, includes the following:

  • Digital Conversion of All U.S. Movie Theaters: Developed a business plan supporting a client $1B JP Morgan-Blackstone Group financial model on behalf of the three largest U.S. theater chains in order to finance the deployment of digital projection equipment in all U.S. theaters. The client consortium -- Digital Cinema Implementation Partners (DCIP) -- comprised a joint venture of Regal Entertainment Group, AMC Entertainment and Cinemark USA. The consortium -- which collectively, owns over 36 percent of all U.S. theaters in the top 25 (and 49 of the top 50) designated market areas (DMAs) across 45 states -- wished to create a financing facility that all U.S. theater owners could utilize for digital conversion. At the time of the advisory work, there were over 37,000 U.S. cinema screens, but only 2,000 to 3,000 had implemented digital projection technology – a situation that has now radically changed, in part, due to this DCIP initiative.
  • 360 Model for Artists Management: Developed a business plan and financial forecast for a prominent indie music label -- distributed by Universal Music Group and representing a number of today’s upcoming indie bands. The client company used the business plan to raise over $4 million in angel funding for growth, marketing and operations. The plan and financial forecast leveraged an extensive “predictive” market study we prepared illuminating all likely changes over the next three years in music and related fields – including artists management, music sales, multi-media distribution platforms for musical artists in TV, film, syndication, VOD and packaged media, streamed content, music publishing, and extending to all financing, revenue and spend corridors on a per-industry level.
  • Special Effects Technology in Ringtones: Developed a business plan and financial forecast for Quickture, a “next-gen” native mobile app for iOS and Android 5.0+ that allows a smartphone caller to select special effects video ringtones that are instantly displayed on the receiving handset. The feature set allows the user’s video (or video from a large SFX library) to be looped, frozen, partially frozen, distorted and enhanced with the flair of a Hollywood special effects artist. The client used the business plan and financial forecast to generate angel funding for development and launch of the app.
  • Video Marketing Walls: Developed a business plan and financial forecast for VWalls – a discovery engine and a totally-unique content disseminator. VWalls was an invention of Buzztone – one of the top boutique marketing agencies in the U.S. that has worked with every major film studio, every major music company and many of the world’s top consumer product brands (Yahoo!, Gallo, Bacardi, The Emmys, Audi and many others). Buzztone used VWalls to aggregate combinations of content and non-invasive ads (e.g. videos, photos, tweets, text posts, blogs, news, and product descriptions) from a variety of sources, in a single, engaging and easy-to-access interface — offering viewers a compact “wall” of mini-computer screens. VWalls have been used on Facebook storefronts, blogs, websites and in a mobile application for smartphones. The client company used the VWalls plan to present the opportunity to strategic partners and investors.
  • Film Production Financing and Major Studio Distribution: Developed a business plan and financial forecast for Clearvision Motion Picture Group, a notable production company that was re-birthed from an in-house film production arm of Blockbuster, Inc., produced 3-4 films annually, and had strategic partnership deals with producers such as Larry Gordon (Die Hard), Guillermo Del Toro (Pan’s Labyrinth) and Bob Gale (Back to the Future). The proprietary financial forecast presented granular revenues, spends and cash flows from a slate of 50 feature films spanning 5 years. The client used the business plan and financial forecast to develop output distribution arrangements with added producers, and distributors such as Warner Bros., Showtime and the SciFi Channel. We also offered investment support by pitching the plan and financial forecast to the Board of Blockbuster, Inc., including Board Members Carl Icahn, and Brett Icahn.
  • Comic Publisher and Film Licensing: Developed a business plan and financial model for an emerging leader in Hollywood comic content. Radical Publishing develops next generation premium comic book products, featuring high-concept stories, with an integrated, multi-vertical Intellectual Property (IP) brokerage business model. Radical Publishing recently announced that Bryan Singer, director of X-Men, X-Men 2, and Superman Returns has signed on to produce Freedom Formula: Ghost of the Wasteland. This is the third film deal by Radical Publishing, following the announcements of John Woo (Red Cliff, Mission Impossible 2) being attached to direct Caliber: First Canon of Justice written and created by Sam Sarkar and Peter Berg (Hancock, The Kingdom) to produce Hercules: The Thracian Wars for Universal and Spyglass Entertainment. "Cayenne created the highest quality, rigorous plan and financials that withstood venture capital due diligence and third-party audit," said Jesse Berger, Founder & CEO. "We were able to raise our desired first round of venture capital thanks to the exceptional tools Cayenne Consulting developed."
  • Illustration and Concept Art Production: Developed a business plan and financial model for Imaginary Friends Studios. IFS is a developer of high quality, next generation entertainment services for film, video game, and comics. IFS has developed content for top tier film, game, and comic projects for clients such as Square Enix and on projects such as Hercules (Radical Publishing/Spyglass Entertainment), Caliber (Infinitum Nihil/Radical Publishing), and Freedom Formula (Radical Publishing). IFS has also provided outsourced creative services and concept design for projects such as F.E.A.R: Extraction Point (Sierra), Contra 4 (Capcom), NBA Street Basketball (Electronic Arts), and EVE Online (CCP), as well as promotional art for projects such as Spiderman 3, Surf's Up, World Cyber Games, Manga Studio software, Batman: Dark Knight. "Cayenne was instrumental in helping us identify and articulate our growth strategies," said Edmund Shern, President & Co-Founder.
  • Online Comedy Channel: Developed a business plan and financial forecast for Joke Show, Inc., which is creating a live-action comedy web channel, The channel's roots lie in the award-winning HBO Actual Jokes series, a creation of the company's founders. is a unique destination featuring sketch comedy, short viral films, and interactive characters, all centered around the essential core of comedy: the well told joke. "The plan feels very much unique to our venture, which is terrific," said George Belshaw, CEO. Mr. Belshaw describes Cayenne Consulting as "Professional, thorough, smart, insightful, diligent, experienced."
  • Online Play-for-Pay Gaming: Developed a business plan, financial forecast, and investor presentation for Guerilla Gaming Concepts, Inc., which has developed a platform that enables console gamers to compete for cash and prizes by creating and participating in online gaming tournaments. The company has forged strategic relationships with major console manufacturers and game studios, and is in the process of securing a Series A investment round. "Cayenne has been an invaluable partner as we've developed and refined our business model," said Emmanuel Zavolas, Founder and CEO. "Working with Cayenne has been instrumental in creating a clear strategy and a compelling business plan, paving the way to successful execution and fundraising for our company."
  • Online Advertising Technology: Developed a financial forecast for a company developing a platform through which advertisers can embed advertisements, product information, and e-commerce capabilities into online video. The company intends to launch a social network that offers network television programs as well as original content.
  • Political Awareness Publisher: Developed a market and competitive feasibility study, business plan, and financial forecast for an online content publisher. The company's vision was to promote the political process through a robust platform combining information dissemination, social networking, fundraising, and consulting. "Cayenne's help enabled us to raise seed capital readily and I learned many valuable concepts that I have been able to utilize in my businesses," said the company's President. "I have recommended Cayenne to several associates, always with glowing praise."
  • Tourism: Developed a business plan and financial projection for GoCar, a pioneer of the satellite-guided tourism industry. In addition to deploying the first-ever GPS Storytelling Car, the company is building a GPS Tour Network software system which will provide a new way of entertaining and educating travelers, by having available tours in many themes and multiple languages. Writes Alasdair Clements, GoCar's CFO, "Our business has many elements from software, tour content, and interesting vehicles, all mixed together to deliver a compelling tour experience. Our Cayenne consultant was able to focus us on the storyboard and flow of our business plan, and distill the many sophisticated aspects of our business into a simple yet compelling presentation. The discipline in the financial modeling was especially helpful. We have deployed the presentation to very good effect in a variety of investor settings."
  • Media & Marketing Consulting: Developed an Executive Summary and financial forecast for ac-quaint media, a full-service solutions provider and consulting firm for new and traditional media. The company produces highly targeted audio content derived from user search demographics, and distributes it across radio and other advertising channels. "I could not have done this project on my own," said Ken Kohl, Founder & Chief Visioneer. "Cayenne not only provided top quality financials, executive summary, and PowerPoint presentation, but moral support and great insight into the adventure I was embarking on."
  • Tour Destination Content Publisher: Prepared the business plan and financial forecast for Mystic Media. Mystic is the publisher of numerous online tourism properties, including "Our work with Cayenne was a great collaborative effort," said Jonathan Lhowe, President of Mystic Media. "They provided the expertise we required to build financial models and a succinct, professional plan."
  • Console Game Publisher: Prepared the business plan and financial forecast for Play Interactive, a video game publisher. The company had licensed the rights to develop a series of games based on NBC's blockbuster Fear Factor reality television shows, as well as several other popular media properties.
  • Unscripted TV Production Studio: Developed an Executive Summary for a multi-media reality and unscripted TV production studio in the heart of Los Angeles.
  • Cable TV Channel: Developed a business plan for a new cable TV channel focusing on the hospitality industry.
  • Booking Agent: Developed a proposal for a new agency that brokers and books leading U.S. entertainers at key performance venues.
  • Modeling Agency: Develop a business plan for a Hollywood-based modeling agency.
  • Real Estate Information Portal: Developed a business plan and fundraising strategy for a Dubai-based online commercial real estate information service.
  • Broadcast Television Network: Drafted an investment memorandum and led a successful $15 million fund raising for a pan-African direct broadcast TV network.
  • Magazine Publishing: Wrote the business and financial plans for Pacific Media Management, Inc., a startup niche magazine publisher. Its initial publication was Business Products News, a monthly magazine in support of the office supplies industry.
  • Magazine Publishing: Developed financial plan and investment analysis for Denver Magazine LLC, a geographically focused lifestyle magazine.
  • Television Documentary: Helped develop the concept and wrote the funding plan for The Los Altos Story, which told the story of how AIDS impacted one middle-class community in Northern California. It won both the George Foster Peabody Award for Excellence in Broadcasting and the cable industry’s Ace Award for Best Public Affairs Special when it was first shown on national television. It was later shown as a one-hour primetime special on the Fox Network.
  • International Newsletter: Developed business and financial plan for the Pacific Basin Business Letter, a monthly news summary focusing on business in Asia.
  • Internet Radio: Provided advisory services to this startup management team, prepared investor presentations, and raised capital for Radio Woodstock, an Internet radio company.
  • Online Radio: Invented, planned, and financed a new platform used to stream about half the online radio in Australia.
  • Audio Technology: Developed two internal business initiative proposals for Dolby Laboratories.
  • Broadcast Television and Radio Network: Developed online business plan, content development and distribution, social media and go-to-market strategy for a new government funded terrestrial television station and three terrestrial radio stations based in the Caribbean to serve a vast audience of ex-pats and those who have a special interest in the region (over 5 million people).
  • Crowdfunded Book: Developed and executed successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for a high-end art photography book.

Note: Some items reflect experience gained by a consultant prior to his or her association with Cayenne Consulting LLC. Cayenne Consulting does not offer any services that require licensing or registration with the NASD or other federal or state authorities.

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Media & Entertainment Business Plan Consultants

Our team of media and entertainment industry specialists includes the following consultants:

Devin Berger, MBA - Principal Consultant, Business Plan Consultant

Devin Berger, MBA - Principal Consultant

Boston, MA

Devin has over 18 years of experience in marketing and management of startups, emerging growth companies, and mature firms spanning high tech, biotech, Internet, social networking, footwear, apparel, media &...
{ read Devin's full bio }

Brian Bohr, MBA - Principal Consultant, Business Plan Consultant

Brian Bohr, MBA - Principal Consultant

Los Angeles, CA

Brian possesses over twenty years of experience in investment banking, corporate development, corporate finance, merger and acquisition advisory, financial planning and analysis, and venture investing. Brian has evaluated and written...
{ read Brian's full bio }

DeForrest Borders III - Principal Consultant, Business Plan Consultant

DeForrest Borders III - Principal Consultant

New York, NY

DeForrest has over 20 years’ experience building businesses and driving strategic innovation in Consumer Product, Financial Services, Healthcare, Higher Education, Media, and Software industries. His focus is on strategic innovation,...
{ read DeForrest's full bio }

Ryan Chester - Principal Consultant, Business Plan Consultant

Ryan Chester - Principal Consultant

Phoenix, AZ

Ryan joined Cayenne Consulting in 2005. He has over 17 years of strategic, financial, and growth management experience in a wide variety of industries and has crafted numerous financial models and plans...
{ read Ryan's full bio }

Jon Cooper - Senior Advisor, Business Plan Consultant

Jon Cooper - Senior Advisor

Denver, CO

Jon has over 20 years of entrepreneurship, business strategy, planning, product management and marketing experience. He has started a number of companies in different industries, and worked with dozens of...
{ read Jon's full bio }

Jenifer Grant, MBA - Principal Consultant, Business Plan Consultant

Jenifer Grant, MBA - Principal Consultant

New York, NY

Jenifer has been involved with finance, strategy, and marketing in a wide variety of roles and industries for over 15 years. In addition to third-party clients, she developed plans and...
{ read Jenifer's full bio }

Charlie Kickham, MBA - Principal Consultant, Business Plan Consultant

Charlie Kickham, MBA - Principal Consultant

New York, NY

Charlie brings 17 years of experience in finance, strategic partnership development, organizational restructuring, real estate development, and business development to Cayenne Consulting. Charlie's experience extends from Wall Street to startups,...
{ read Charlie's full bio }

Lee Muhl, JD - Principal Consultant, Business Plan Consultant

Lee Muhl, JD - Principal Consultant

Portland, OR & Los Angeles, CA

Lee Muhl’s consulting practice spans a number of industries and sectors.  Lee works constantly in real estate, entertainment content and Internet platforms, but his practice over the past decade has...
{ read Lee's full bio }

Rick O'Hara, MBA - Principal Consultant, Business Plan Consultant

Rick O'Hara, MBA - Principal Consultant

Austin, TX

With over twenty years of experience in senior management, management consulting, strategic and business planning, financial modeling and analysis, and launching new ventures, Rick has the broad-based experience to quickly...
{ read Rick's full bio }

George Papaioannou, CFA, MBA - Principal Consultant, Business Plan Consultant

George Papaioannou, CFA, MBA - Principal Consultant

Princeton, NJ

George Papaioannou has two decades of experience in developing, analyzing, evaluating and executing upon business models, from an investment as well as an operational perspective. He is one of Cayenne's...
{ read George's full bio }

Michael Robbins - Principal Consultant, Business Plan Consultant

Michael Robbins - Principal Consultant

Seattle, WA

Michael Robbins has over 25 years of experience in financial services and he has contributed to the capitalization of 500 companies that raised hundreds of millions of dollars. As an...
{ read Michael's full bio }

Adam T - Principal Consultant, Business Plan Consultant

Adam T - Principal Consultant

San Francisco, CA | São Paulo, Brazil

Adam has broad experience in new ventures and investor relations. His experience includes the positions of President/CFO at W2 Energy Development Corporation, CFO at Santa Cruz Guitar Company, and Senior...
{ read Adam's full bio }

Tony Vicari, EA - Principal Consultant, Business Plan Consultant

Tony Vicari, EA - Principal Consultant

Orange County, CA

Tony brings over 20 years of experience in corporate finance, investment management, business development, sales and entrepreneurship to Cayenne Consulting. His industry experience includes working with companies in the financial...
{ read Tony's full bio }

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