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Non-Profit Business Plan Development

Our experience with not-for-profit organizations spans the following areas:

Non-Profit Business Plan Development
  • Accreditation Agencies
  • Industry Associations
  • International Aid and Relief Groups
  • Educational Institutions
  • Foundations
  • Philanthropies & Charitible Organizations
  • Youth Groups
  • Humanitarian Groups
  • Advocacy Groups
  • Faith Based Organizations
  • Health and Wellness Organizations
  • Visual and Performing Arts
  • Museums & Arts Foundations

Non-Profit Experience

Our experience in various not-for-profit fields, either as consultants, board members, or employees in the industry, includes the following:

  • Accreditation Agencies: Analyzed the financial results for two accreditation agencies and made recommendations for changes in accounting and financial management. Built five and ten-year financial forecast models as tools for evaluating future management decisions. Developing a business plan for the continued expansion of accreditation services internationally. Developing another business plan to provide accreditation infrastructure to other accreditation organizations.
  • Academic Association: Developed the business plan, including financial forecast, for new educational and certification services to be offered to the members of an established academic association. The programs are intended to improve the management of big data within the earth and space scientific communities. The plan received Board approval and is being implemented.
  • Healthy Youth Organization: Facilitated a one-day, board-level strategic planning session for Kids Sports Stars, a not-for-profit organization focused on reducing childhood obesity among low-income kids. The planning session resulted in revised Mission and Vision statements and an action plan for their implementation.
  • International American Club: Developed a long-range strategy, revised operating polices, and a new facilities plan for the American Club of Singapore, a not-for-profit social club with a staff of 210 serving 2,400 families. The club had recently fired its Executive Director for corruption, was losing money, and lacked professional management practices.
  • Chamber of Commerce: Helped lead the transition of the Los Altos Chamber of Commerce from a small volunteer organization to a sustainable, professionally managed leader of the local business community. Developed the Chamber’s first budgeting system and a financial plan that provided financial stability for the first time.
  • Public Education: Developed the first long-range financial plan for the Los Altos School District of Los Altos, California. Revised it annually thereafter. The plan was credited with guiding this award-winning district through a series of financially challenging years without having to sacrifice the quality of its educational programs.
  • Community Cultural Association: Developed fundraising plans for a variety of projects of the Los Altos Cultural Association, including equipping two high school theaters, a community party for over 1.200 attendees, and several Plein Air art competitions. Total funds raised exceeded $900,000.
  • Service Organizations: Helped develop the concept and wrote the funding plan for the Rotary AIDS Project, whose video The Los Altos Story won a George F Peabody Award for best televised documentary and was credited with helping to change America’s attitudes towards the AIDS pandemic. The project was supported by the Centers for Disease Control, The American Red Cross, insurance companies, and industry associations. Developed fundraising, publishing, and distribution plans for the distribution of HIV/AIDS educational materials throughout Sub-Saharan Africa and other developing nations, with major funding from the David & Lucile Packard Foundation. Fundraising for both projects exceeded $300,000.
  • Charitable Air Transport Organization: Developed a fund-raising program and guided the restructuring of an organization to transition from regional to national operations. To date, the organization has provided more than 10,000 charitable air ambulance flights to persons in need.
  • National Historic Trust: Restructured accounting systems and arranged financing for a one-of-a-kind national treasure used by presidents and world leaders.
  • Performing Arts Organization: Guided the management restructuring of a regional ballet company; installed a new accounting system.
  • Humanitarian Organization: This organization provides educational services throughout the U.S. as well as emergency services. Cayenne performed the needs analysis and developed the business plan for extending the geographical service area of an education program for health care workers.
  • Education: Developed a financial model for managing the cash position of a standards setting nonprofit primary school during a major building program. The model included pledge to cash conversion, endowment management, credit line management, and long term debt management.
  • After-school Programs: Produced brochure, financial statement and cover letter for the fundraising campaign of an organization that empowers and mentors youths through recreational and artistic techniques. The programs build character, provide positive role models and teach job skills to underprivileged students from single-family homes.
  • Museum: Developed business plan and operating and capital budgets for a museum celebrating individuals from a wide variety of fields who made exceptional contributions to the fabric of New York City. Continued as Treasurer following the engagement and participated on the selection committee.
  • Public Health: Developed a business plan and financial forecast for a grant request by an organization controlling the population of free-roaming and unwanted animals. Animal overpopulation is an animal welfare issue as well as a problem impacting human disease control, public safety and the environment.

Note: Some of the activities noted on these pages may reflect experience gained by a consultant prior to his or her association with Cayenne Consulting LLC. Cayenne Consulting does not offer any services that require licensing or registration with the NASD or other federal or state authorities.

Not-for-Profit Business Plan Consultants

Our team of non-profit specialists includes the following consultants:

DeForrest Borders III - Principal Consultant, Business Plan Consultant

DeForrest Borders III - Principal Consultant

New York, NY

DeForrest has over 20 years’ experience building businesses and driving strategic innovation in Consumer Product, Financial Services, Healthcare, Higher Education, Media, and Software industries. His focus is on strategic innovation,...
{ read DeForrest's full bio }

Tom Dykstra, MBA, CFPIM - Principal Consultant, Business Plan Consultant

Tom Dykstra, MBA, CFPIM - Principal Consultant

Tampa, FL

Tom has over thirty years of experience in business planning, finance, strategy development, software design, engineering management, sales, marketing, channel creation, consulting, business modeling, decision analysis, capital acquisition, and new...
{ read Tom's full bio }

Richard Hasenpflug, MBA - Principal Consultant, Business Plan Consultant

Richard Hasenpflug, MBA - Principal Consultant

Phoenix, AZ

Richard has been bringing Fortune 100 expertise to startups and small to mid-sized businesses since 1985. He is both a consultant and serial entrepreneur and has participated in several startup...
{ read Richard's full bio }

Van Lanier, MBA, EA - Senior Advisor, Business Plan Consultant

Van Lanier, MBA, EA - Senior Advisor

Washington DC

Van is an accomplished business practitioner who helps entrepreneurs start, grow, and harvest their ventures. Van has prepared over 300 business plans, financial forecasts, and funding memorandums in industries ranging...
{ read Van's full bio }

Cheree Warrick, MBA - Principal Consultant, Business Plan Consultant

Cheree Warrick, MBA - Principal Consultant

Washington, DC

Cheree Warrick writes business plans and creates financial forecasts for companies seeking funding from banks and angel investors. During her 5-year tenure at a national government contracting firm, Ms. Warrick...
{ read Cheree's full bio }

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