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Business Plan Development for Professional Services & B2B Firms

We serve professional services firms of all types:

Professional Services & B2B  Business Plan Development
  • Law Firms
  • Accounting Firms
  • Financial Advisory Firms
  • Graphic Design Agencies
  • Marketing, Social Media & PR Agencies
  • Software Development Firms
  • IT Services Firms
  • Offshore & Nearshore Services
  • Systems Integration Firms
  • Executive Search Firms
  • Staffing Agencies
  • Consulting Firms
  • Debt Collection Agencies
  • Security Services
  • Payment Processing
  • Freight Brokerage
  • Government Contracting
  • Insurance Agencies

Professional Services & B2B Industry Experience

Our experience in the industry includes the following:

  • Legal Services Firm: Developed detailed financial model for a legal services firm to use for both internal planning and presentations to lenders. Requirements included both existing and expansion product lines and a highly flexible staffing model. End result was a powerful way to control important financial data and trends and drastically reduced the size and disorganization of client’s existing model.
  • Distressed Real Estate Brokerage: Created investor package including financial model, pitch deck, teaser, and PPM draft for firm specializing in the investment and brokerage of distressed residential and commercial real estate. All fundraising goals were achieved and the firm is attracting new customers and properties.
  • Hedge Fund: Developed seed investor and participatory investor deck for a principal-protected hedge fund. The fund structured and invested in “exotic” hybrid securities. Materials impressed and attracted high net worth investors in the US and Europe.
  • Purchase Order Finance Company: Created brand identity and pitch decks for investors and noteholders of a purchase order finance company comprised of top executives from major financial institutions. The firm provided an attractive source of credit in an environment where bank lending was at a standstill.
  • Transaction Processing / Securities Clearing: Developed business plan, financial forecast and pitch deck for a global provider of back office and administrative services to hedge funds and funds-of-funds firms. Conducted research and worked with client team to validate and solidify their financial strategy.
  • Federal IT Consulting Firm: 8(a) company needed business plan to guide expansion at the end of its minority program involvement. Using our strategy, the company grew from $14 million to $90 million in seven years.
  • Security Consultant: A recently retired senior executive from a federal security agency needed a business plan to launch his small consulting firm. We prepared a simple business plan, set up his LLC, and arranged a line of credit.
  • Communications Firm: Developed a new strategic/implementation plan and marketing campaign for a financial communications firm that decided to increase its national footprint. Implemented and led the re-focused business development efforts designed to meet the expansion initiative.
  • Wall Street Financial Services Firm: Created financial services firm’s first website, re-designed all marketing collateral, developed branding and messaging to reflect a change in strategy to expand awareness to its niche focus on middle and smaller underserved markets and industry specializations.
  • Structural Engineering Firm: Developed a growth business plan and financial pro-forma for a structural engineering firm which enabled the company to expand during the recent housing crisis while other firms were downsizing and closing.
  • Real Estate Brokerage Firm: Developed a business plan and financial pro-forma for a real estate agency to capitalize on the changing industry dynamics. The company implemented short sale services and increased agents, listings, and sales within six months.
  • Labor Relations Consultant: The Captain of a Boeing 777 for an international (non U.S.) airline needed a comprehensive business plan as part of his U.S. Green Card application. The business would provide advisory services to both airline managements and labor unions on matters related to union contract negotiations and other union-management issues.
  • Education Consultants: A husband and wife team from Australia required a business plan for a company that would provide consulting and training to teachers in Florida.
  • Accounting Firm: An accounting firm in New York needed a business plan to present to a commercial bank to secure a small term loan to fund a move to a larger office.
  • Biometrics Consulting Firm: Developed a business plan and financial model for a group of leading international experts in biometrics interested is starting their own firm.
  • Medical Practice: Developed business plan and financial model for existing medical practices who are considering joining a concierge medical group.
  • School Safety: Developed the business and marketing plans for a consulting firm specializing in preparing school districts to deal with armed intruders and other emergency situations. Helped write two successful federal grants totaling $1.2 million.
  • Healthcare Policy: Developed financial plans for a group of consulting organizations specializing in hospital strategic planning and administration.
  • High-tech Market Research: Managed the successful liquidation of a major high-tech market research firm. Final value received was 250% of target.
  • Law Practice Management: Developed the financial plan for an Internet startup providing administrative tools to law practices.
  • IT Services Firms: Developed a strategic plan and coached the business owner through the execution of the plan for several IT Services companies.
  • Insurance Companies: Developed a business plan for a wholesaler and retailer of niche insurance products.
  • Real Estate Development Companies: Developed a strategic plan for the growth and expansion of a company focused on developing student housing. Also developed a strategic plan and financial model for a “green” home builder.
  • Real Estate Agency Franchisor: Developed a financial model and business plan for a new nationwide franchisor that was built through acquisition. The new company leveraged leading edge technologies to target a specific niche market.
  • Analytical Chemistry Services: Served as financial advisor and investment banker for a $14 million independent pharmaceutical and industrial chemical test laboratory. Successfully led turnaround efforts, improving EBITDA by 40% and the eventual sale of the company to a leading middle-market private equity investment firm for 6x EBITDA.
  • Business Services: Served as virtual CFO for a $15 million business services company.

Note: Some items reflect experience gained by a consultant prior to his or her association with Cayenne Consulting LLC. Cayenne Consulting does not offer any services that require licensing or registration with the NASD or other federal or state authorities.

Professional Services & B2B Business Plan Consultants

Our consultants with prior experience in the professional services industry include:

John Beeby - Principal Consultant, Business Plan Consultant

John Beeby - Principal Consultant

Phoenix, AZ

John has over 30 years developing and executing strategies for new and growing businesses. With an engineering degree and early experience in manufacturing operations, he has a sound grounding in...
{ read John's full bio }

Nancy Clauss - Principal Consultant, Business Plan Consultant

Nancy Clauss - Principal Consultant

Orange County, CA

With more than 25 years of management, marketing, sales, and operational experience, Nancy Clauss has developed a sharp eye for how businesses can become bloated with inefficiencies, lack of direction,...
{ read Nancy's full bio }

Aaron Gillum, MBA - Principal Consultant, Business Plan Consultant

Aaron Gillum, MBA - Principal Consultant

Chicago, IL

Aaron brings over 12 years of experience in management and turnaround consulting, venture capital, entrepreneurship, and finance advisory. He has worked extensively with companies at all stages from startups...
{ read Aaron's full bio }

Jenifer Grant, MBA - Principal Consultant, Business Plan Consultant

Jenifer Grant, MBA - Principal Consultant

New York, NY

Jenifer has been involved with finance, strategy, and marketing in a wide variety of roles and industries for over 15 years. In addition to third-party clients, she developed plans and...
{ read Jenifer's full bio }

Shyam Jha, MBA - Principal Consultant, Business Plan Consultant

Shyam Jha, MBA - Principal Consultant

Tucson, AZ

Shyam’s consulting practice focuses on iOS and Android mobile apps, e-commerce, Internet hardware and software, SaaS, consumer electronics, medical devices, and other high tech ventures. He is certified as a { read Shyam's full bio }

Charlie Kickham, MBA - Principal Consultant, Business Plan Consultant

Charlie Kickham, MBA - Principal Consultant

New York, NY

Charlie brings 17 years of experience in finance, strategic partnership development, organizational restructuring, real estate development, and business development to Cayenne Consulting. Charlie's experience extends from Wall Street to startups,...
{ read Charlie's full bio }

Van Lanier, MBA, EA - Senior Advisor, Business Plan Consultant

Van Lanier, MBA, EA - Senior Advisor

Washington DC

Van is an accomplished business practitioner who helps entrepreneurs start, grow, and harvest their ventures. Van has prepared over 300 business plans, financial forecasts, and funding memorandums in industries ranging...
{ read Van's full bio }

Jimmy Lewin - Principal Consultant, Business Plan Consultant

Jimmy Lewin - Principal Consultant

Phoenix, AZ | Deer Valley, UT

Jimmy's background includes over 40 years in international, commercial, and investment banking, and nearly a decade as the principal shareholder and CEO of a rapidly growing manufacturing and distribution business...
{ read Jimmy's full bio }

Randy Lewis, CFA, CVA - Principal Consultant, Business Plan Consultant

Randy Lewis, CFA, CVA - Principal Consultant

Los Angeles, CA

Randy has been a private consultant for over 15 years – with deep experience in valuation and appraisal, business plan development, and capital market consulting, as well as strategic planning,...
{ read Randy's full bio }

Joan Morgen, MBA - Principal Consultant, Business Plan Consultant

Joan Morgen, MBA - Principal Consultant

Phoenix, AZ

Joan is committed to the belief that challenges can be turned into opportunities when companies recognize they should seek expert advice before they are at that pivotal juncture facing critical...
{ read Joan's full bio }

George Papaioannou, CFA, MBA - Principal Consultant, Business Plan Consultant

George Papaioannou, CFA, MBA - Principal Consultant

Princeton, NJ

George Papaioannou has two decades of experience in developing, analyzing, evaluating and executing upon business models, from an investment as well as an operational perspective. He is one of Cayenne's...
{ read George's full bio }

Eric Pickens, MBA - Principal Consultant, Business Plan Consultant

Eric Pickens, MBA - Principal Consultant

New York, NY

With over 20 years of experience as a COO, CFO and board member, Eric has implemented, strengthened and lead the financial and operational functions for companies engaged in investment management,...
{ read Eric's full bio }

Rick Tifone, MBA, CExP - Principal Consultant, Business Plan Consultant

Rick Tifone, MBA, CExP - Principal Consultant

Pittsburgh, PA

Rick brings over 25 years of executive management, marketing, sales, consulting, and exit planning experience to Cayenne. He has hands-on experience running startups and working with CEOs on strategic planning,...
{ read Rick's full bio }

Cheree Warrick, MBA - Principal Consultant, Business Plan Consultant

Cheree Warrick, MBA - Principal Consultant

Washington, DC

Cheree Warrick writes business plans and creates financial forecasts for companies seeking funding from banks and angel investors. During her 5-year tenure at a national government contracting firm, Ms. Warrick...
{ read Cheree's full bio }

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