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Mobile, Software & Internet Business Plan Development

Our experience with software and Internet ventures spans the following areas:

Mobile, Software & Internet Business Plan Development
  • Online Retailing & Auctioning
  • Online Publishing / Content / Advertising Bentures
  • Social Media Networks & Tools
  • Web Services / SaaS
  • E-Learning Platforms (See Education)
  • Gaming & Entertainment Software
  • Corporate IT; Enterprise Management Software (ERP, CRM, etc.)
  • Funds Transfer & Payment Processing Gateways
  • Digital Media Distribution / Asset Management / Delivery Systems
  • Machine Learning & Grid Computing Systems
  • Geographical Information System (GIS) Platforms
  • Government Systems
  • Network & Wireless Security Systems
  • E-Health / EHR / Healthcare Administration
  • Wellness & Self Improvement Systems
  • Other B2B, B2C, and P2P Technologies

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Mobile, Software & Internet Experience

Our experience in various software-related fields, either as consultants, entrepreneurs, or employees in the industry, includes the following:

  • Security Software & Services: Developed a business plan, financial forecast, and valuation for a fully-integrated provider of groundbreaking IT security products and services. The company has provided security consulting services to Fortune 1000 enterprises for more than a decade, and more recently has become a pioneer in providing cost-effective managed security solutions to small- and medium-business (SMB) clients. The company has secured more than $15 million in private equity financing from a major Wall Street investment bank.
  • Semiconductor Chip Design Software: Developed a business plan and financial model for EE Instruments, a leading-edge CAD software enabling semiconductor companies to design smaller chips. According to Tom Geocaris, CEO, "Cayenne's one-on-one process of working was effective. I'm very happy with the way the business plan turned out. It's given us good early traction with investors."
  • Agribusiness Enterprise Management Software: Developed a business plan, financial forecast, and presentation for Ag Connections, an innovator in the agriculture software industry. Ag Connections develops software tools that help growers, retailers, and consultants manage day-to-day crop production operations. Production records are very confidential, and Ag Connections' system allows the grower, the owner of the data, to control where data goes and how it is shared. "Cayenne developed the highest quality plan that played a key role in successfully raising our financing and helped define our future growth strategy," said Rick Murdock, Vice President.
  • Brain Simulation Software: Prepared a business plan, financial forecast, and investor presentation for Artificial Development. Based in Silicon Valley, Artificial Development is creating a bio-realistic whole-brain simulation system (both hardware and software) that will enable both neural research and the development of advanced cognitive applications. "We've been working away for over two years, but with competition looming we needed to go into high gear. Cayenne made our advantages explicit and our positioning clear, and created a plan that speaks to investors." said Marcos Guillen, President and CEO.
  • Pattern Recognition Software: Developed the business plan, financial forecast, and investor presentation for Morpho, a provider of pattern recognition software solutions for the security, satellite-based terrain analysis, and biotechnology markets. "[The consultant] helped our company craft an incredible business plan and pro-forma financials. I consider him to be the very best all-round business planning specialist I've had the pleasure of working with in my ten years as a business owner. I have recommended him to other CEOs growing their businesses," said Stephen Buchmann, CEO of Morpho.
  • Online Gaming Tournaments: Developed the business plan, financial forecast, and investor presentation for Guerilla Gaming Concepts, a developer of a platform that enables console gamers to compete for cash and prizes by creating and participating in online gaming tournaments. The company has forged strategic relationships with major console manufacturers and game studios, and is in the process of securing a Series A investment round. "Cayenne has been an invaluable partner as we've developed and refined our business model," said Emmanuel Zavolas, Founder and CEO. "Working with Cayenne has been instrumental in creating a clear strategy and a compelling business plan, paving the way to successful execution and fundraising for our company."
  • Social Networking: Prepared a business plan, financial model, investor presentation, and teaser for a very popular Internet startup transforming the instant messaging and social networking space. "The plan looks wonderful. The changes you have made to the flow and organization of the material make a noticeable difference in its effectiveness as a selling tool," said the company's founder. "You took our existing business plan and turned it into substantive marketing materials. You also upgraded our financial model into a more complete and workable tool. We hope to work with you again as we expand."
  • Tourism Software: Developed a business plan and financial projection for GoCar, a pioneer of the satellite-guided tourism industry. In addition to deploying the first-ever GPS Storytelling Car, the company is building a GPS Tour Network software system which will provide a new way of entertaining and educating travelers, by having available tours in many themes and multiple languages. GoCar's CFO wrote: "Our business has many elements from software, tour content, and interesting vehicles, all mixed together to deliver a compelling tour experience. Our Cayenne consultant was able to focus us on the storyboard and flow of our business plan, and distill the many sophisticated aspects of our business into a simple yet compelling presentation. The discipline in the financial modeling was especially helpful. We have deployed the presentation to very good effect in a variety of investor settings."
  • Internet Mobile Marketing and Content Delivery: Developed a business plan, financial model, executive summary, and investor presentation for a leading mobile marketing company. The engagement included helping the company identify and implement the most attractive business model available, given the company's patent pending technology and the relevant market and competitive landscape.
  • Document Conversion & Collaboration: Developed a business plan and financial model for an online technology that converts standard file applications, such as Microsoft, PDF, HTML, SAP, Siebel, into a usable format across all licensed or designated users.
  • HIPAA Compliant Medical Software: Created a business plan for team of radiologists who created a software solution that allowed the transmission and storage of radiological images by separating the image from the identifier during transmission and storage. The image and the identifier would only come together in a secure, password protected environment.
  • Billing & Customer Care Software: Founded Danet, a developer of billing and customer care solutions for the telecommunications industry, and grew it to over 100 employees and more than $15M in sales. Customers included PCS operators and CLECs, including Sprint PCS, BellSouth PCS, Global Crossing, Southwestern Bell, AirTouch, and American Personal Communications.
  • IT Service Provider: Facilitated the development of a strategic plan for Accelerator Enterprise Technology, a California-based provider of IT services ranging from staff augmentation to complete project outsourcing. AET staffing options range from onsite full time to off shore part-time resources. "I hired Cayenne Consulting to coach me through a transitional period in my business. Cayenne has brought clarity, structure and accountability to the process," said David Victor, CEO. "The coach's role as guide and mentor based on his extensive experience has allowed me to learn new skills and grow as a business owner. The net result is we are achieving the goals we have set for the business."
  • Non-Profit Software: Developed a strategic plan and financial model for an Arizona-based developer of donor management software for use by non-profits. Coached the management team through the execution of the plan.
  • Hospital Maintenance Records Management Software: Developed and executed a nationwide marketing plan for the rollout of a software product to hospitals.
  • Content Management & Software Development: Developed a strategic plan for the business; provide ongoing coaching to the management team. The business owner wrote "Al and I were talking after the meeting today about how big a help you've been in terms of planning and guiding us through our growth. For what it's worth, I really appreciate everything that you're doing for us and for the company. I'm not sure we could be making this kind of progress without you, and I'm glad we brought you on board."
  • Online Retail Shopping and Social Media: Developed a financial forecast for a new online store based on social media and viral marketing.
  • Internet Cloud Computing: Developed an executive summary and investor presentation for an innovator in the viral software-as-a-service (SaaS) market.
  • Internet Auction: Developed an executive summary for an online real-time auction business.
  • Online Dating: Developed the business plan, financial projections, and provided guidance on growth strategy for, an online community for daters to share their experiences and find camaraderie, a concept which merges social networking and online dating. CEO Jennifer Kelton said, "The credibility the business plan has given me has been instrumental in assembling my team and advisors. The coaching my consultant provided me above and beyond preparing my plan was invaluable. With Cayenne's assistance I am now in a position to launch quickly and with confidence."
  • Vending Industry ERP System: Led the development of an enterprise planning and management system used by over 300 vending firms. This system consistently delivered 20% reductions in route costs.
  • Manufacturing ERP System: Led the development of an enterprise planning and management system used by over 1,000 manufacturing firms. This system consistently delivered increased plant throughput and reduced lead times.
  • Municipal Payments Processing Software: Developed the business plan, financial forecast, and investor presentation for TrafficPayment, developer of an award winning web-based system that enables municipal governments to accept and process traffic citation payments online. Ryan Roberts, VP of Marketing, said "I definitely liked the amount of time our consultant spent communicating with us. He went the extra mile to understand our business model by keeping in constant contact with us throughout the entire process. Professional, Knowledgeable, Talented, Capable, Helpful... these words all come to mind when talking about Cayenne."
  • Image Search Software: Developed an executive summary and financial model, and assisted in the preparation of their business plan, for piXlogic. The company offers a patent-pending image analysis and search solution that visually identifies the content of digital images and videos. Their technologies do for images what search engines and document management systems have done for text-based documents.
  • Law Enforcement Software: Developed the financial projections and made significant contributions to the business plan and investor presentation for nForceNet, a developer of enterprise software for the homeland security, antiterrorism, and law enforcement markets.
  • Geospatial Information Systems: Developed the business plan, financial projections, and investor presentation for M.A. Young & Associates. MAYA offers the only truly enterprise-grade system for managing geospatial data for organizations such as utilities (electrical, water, gas, cable, telecom, etc.) and municipalities. The company's CEO, Richard Lopez, said: "Cayenne worked with our team to help us define a meaningful and defensible niche in the broader GIS marketplace. The business plan clearly defines our differentiation from competitors, and the financials incorporate a flexible and comprehensive revenue model. This process truly changed the way we think about our business, and we're excited about our future."
  • Laboratory Information Management Systems: Developed a business plan, financial forecast, and investor presentation to support the LIMSLeap's merger and acquisition activities. LIMSLeap implements and integrates Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS). "[The consultant] has been a God-send for us. I could not possibly have asked for a better consultant to help me with this plan," said Ola Kvalvaag, President and CEO. "I am getting such good feedback on this plan that it is almost a distraction. Investors spend more time interviewing me on where we found [the consultant] and if they can use him for some of their other projects."
  • Media Asset Management Systems: Developed the business plan, marketing materials, investor presentation, and financial projections for Moani, a developer of rich media management and control web service solutions for internal and external corporate communications. "I've worked with [the consultant] on a variety of ventures over the past several years, and have been very impressed by his work. His business plans and financial models are among the best that I have ever seen, and I've seen hundreds. Any company trying to figure out how to get going would do well to have [his] help," said Damon Danielson, President and CEO of Moani.
  • Network Security Solutions: Developed the business plan, financial forecast, and investor presentation for RedPoint Technologies, a developer of integrated security and management solutions for wireless networks. The initial product offers the highest available level of wireless security while preserving past investments in older wireless networking equipment.
  • Systems Engineering Firm: Provided executive coaching and strategic planning services for Analytica Systems. Analytica offers world class Systems Engineering capabilities to clients in the Boston metropolitan area. Analytica's services minimize the risks inherent to technology initiatives, while minimizing the tradeoffs of cost, schedule, technical performance, and quality. "My Cayenne coach guided me through the process of establishing the company, business development, execution of client engagements, and overall strategy," said John Sedivy, President. "Cayenne has been an invaluable asset to the success of my business and I highly recommend Cayenne's services to anyone either looking to start a new business or take their existing business to the next level."
  • Time and Attendance Software: Developed complete business plan, financial forecast, and investor presentation for web-based timesheet software program for staffing industry. Interviewed potential client to get feedback on service concept. Heard and analyzed presentations from competitors to develop competitive analysis.
  • Retail Support Systems: Wrote business plans and financial plans for a novel concept in retail support, integrating online systems with marketing and specialized support services.
  • SaaS Based Virtual Warehouse: Developed the concept and wrote the business and financial plans for Terra Wood Inc., a virtual warehouse system for the international wood products industry. The virtual warehouse was intended to introduce modern supply-chain concepts to this tradition-bound industry. Successfully raised $800,000 in angel funding.
  • SaaS Based Electronic Medical Records: Developed proprietary software architecture, business plan and investor pitch for a new concept in patient-oriented Electronic Medical Records. System was designed to overcome some of the impediments to widespread adoption of EMRs inherent in the current business model.
  • Online Support Community: Prepared the business plan, financial plan, marketing plan and investor pitch for an innovative psychiatric support service which integrates online social networking tools with traditional therapy techniques.
  • Social Networking: Revised business plan and financials, prepared pitch book, coached management on investor communications and raised capital for an Internet startup which created and launched a religion-based social community site.
  • Online Retail Shopping: Developed the business plan, investor presentations, and raised capital for, a startup company that created and launched an online superstore providing direct interfaces between buyers and sellers.
  • International Rollup: Developed the business plan for a $20 million rollup of China's largest social networks, video sites and advertising networks.
  • Managed Service Provider: Developed business plan and PPM for MSP that gained exclusivity with UPS.
  • Online Advertising: Worked with a leading online lead exchange and global ISP/e-commerce company to develop mortgage lead products and advertising campaigns to ensure compliance with related licensing and anti-spam laws.
  • Online Money Transfer Platform: Led a startup to create a value transfer platform for the unbanked to send remittances at millions of retailers around the world. The technology platform leverages the existing retail gift card network infrastructure to offer cash-based immigrants and under-banked consumers a suite of financial services to send money to their loved ones back home, without any need for a bank account or credit card.
  • Edge-of-the-Network Building Control System: Jointly developed the business plan and designed the software and hardware systems and developed the manufacturing plan for a new-to-the-industry IoT cross-campus building control and security system. The company was a re-start, but went forward to secure over $20M in venture financing. The core of the company now focuses on green building solutions.
  • Bank Internet Payment Platform: Founded a startup to create a secure money transfer platform for the banks to provide as a service to their regional customer bases around the world. The technology platform enabled B2B processing efficiencies including the automation of accounts payable departments in large enterprises.
  • SaaS Company Valuation: Performed business valuations of SaaS companies in connection with litigation and financial reporting.
  • Online Dating: Performed business valuations of online dating companies in connection with litigation.
  • Fitness App: Developed business plan, financial forecast and investor presentation for online personal training app.
  • Social Network: Assisted public online social network company with strategic and operational planning, as well as investor presentation.

Note: Some items reflect experience gained by a consultant prior to his or her association with Cayenne Consulting LLC. Cayenne Consulting does not offer any services that require licensing or registration with the NASD or other federal or state authorities.

Mobile, Software & Internet Business Plan Consultants

Our team of software and Internet specialists includes the following consultants:

Roger Anderson, Ph.D. - Principal Consultant, Business Plan Consultant

Roger Anderson, Ph.D. - Principal Consultant

Orange County, CA

Roger brings over 20 years of experience in research, sales, marketing, product development, programming, and management to his consultant role. His training as a scientist increased his analytical skills and...
{ read Roger's full bio }

William Archibald - Principal Consultant, Business Plan Consultant

William Archibald - Principal Consultant

Austin, TX

William is a serial entrepreneur and technology executive with a track record of delivering innovative solutions on-budget and on-time. He specializes in technology trend analysis, product development, product management and...
{ read William's full bio }

Devin Berger, MBA - Principal Consultant, Business Plan Consultant

Devin Berger, MBA - Principal Consultant

Boston, MA

Devin has over 18 years of experience in marketing and management of startups, emerging growth companies, and mature firms spanning high tech, biotech, Internet, social networking, footwear, apparel, media &...
{ read Devin's full bio }

DeForrest Borders III - Principal Consultant, Business Plan Consultant

DeForrest Borders III - Principal Consultant

New York, NY

DeForrest has over 20 years’ experience building businesses and driving strategic innovation in Consumer Product, Financial Services, Healthcare, Higher Education, Media, and Software industries. His focus is on strategic innovation,...
{ read DeForrest's full bio }

Nancy Clauss - Principal Consultant, Business Plan Consultant

Nancy Clauss - Principal Consultant

Orange County, CA

With more than 25 years of management, marketing, sales, and operational experience, Nancy Clauss has developed a sharp eye for how businesses can become bloated with inefficiencies, lack of direction,...
{ read Nancy's full bio }

Jon Cooper - Senior Advisor, Business Plan Consultant

Jon Cooper - Senior Advisor

Denver, CO

Jon has over 20 years of entrepreneurship, business strategy, planning, product management and marketing experience. He has started a number of companies in different industries, and worked with dozens of...
{ read Jon's full bio }

Tom Dykstra, MBA, CFPIM - Principal Consultant, Business Plan Consultant

Tom Dykstra, MBA, CFPIM - Principal Consultant

Tampa, FL

Tom has over thirty years of experience in business planning, finance, strategy development, software design, engineering management, sales, marketing, channel creation, consulting, business modeling, decision analysis, capital acquisition, and new...
{ read Tom's full bio }

Aaron Gillum, MBA - Principal Consultant, Business Plan Consultant

Aaron Gillum, MBA - Principal Consultant

Chicago, IL

Aaron brings over 12 years of experience in management and turnaround consulting, venture capital, entrepreneurship, and finance advisory. He has worked extensively with companies at all stages from startups...
{ read Aaron's full bio }

Jenifer Grant, MBA - Principal Consultant, Business Plan Consultant

Jenifer Grant, MBA - Principal Consultant

New York, NY

Jenifer has been involved with finance, strategy, and marketing in a wide variety of roles and industries for over 15 years. In addition to third-party clients, she developed plans and...
{ read Jenifer's full bio }

Shyam Jha, MBA - Principal Consultant, Business Plan Consultant

Shyam Jha, MBA - Principal Consultant

Tucson, AZ

Shyam’s consulting practice focuses on iOS and Android mobile apps, e-commerce, Internet hardware and software, SaaS, consumer electronics, medical devices, and other high tech ventures. He is certified as a { read Shyam's full bio }

Charlie Kickham, MBA - Principal Consultant, Business Plan Consultant

Charlie Kickham, MBA - Principal Consultant

New York, NY

Charlie brings 17 years of experience in finance, strategic partnership development, organizational restructuring, real estate development, and business development to Cayenne Consulting. Charlie's experience extends from Wall Street to startups,...
{ read Charlie's full bio }

Randy Lewis, CFA, CVA - Principal Consultant, Business Plan Consultant

Randy Lewis, CFA, CVA - Principal Consultant

Los Angeles, CA

Randy has been a private consultant for over 15 years – with deep experience in valuation and appraisal, business plan development, and capital market consulting, as well as strategic planning,...
{ read Randy's full bio }

Lee Muhl, JD - Principal Consultant, Business Plan Consultant

Lee Muhl, JD - Principal Consultant

Portland, OR & Los Angeles, CA

Lee Muhl’s consulting practice spans a number of industries and sectors.  Lee works constantly in real estate, entertainment content and Internet platforms, but his practice over the past decade has...
{ read Lee's full bio }

Rick O'Hara, MBA - Principal Consultant, Business Plan Consultant

Rick O'Hara, MBA - Principal Consultant

Austin, TX

With over twenty years of experience in senior management, management consulting, strategic and business planning, financial modeling and analysis, and launching new ventures, Rick has the broad-based experience to quickly...
{ read Rick's full bio }

George Papaioannou, CFA, MBA - Principal Consultant, Business Plan Consultant

George Papaioannou, CFA, MBA - Principal Consultant

Princeton, NJ

George Papaioannou has two decades of experience in developing, analyzing, evaluating and executing upon business models, from an investment as well as an operational perspective. He is one of Cayenne's...
{ read George's full bio }

Eric Pickens, MBA - Principal Consultant, Business Plan Consultant

Eric Pickens, MBA - Principal Consultant

New York, NY

With over 20 years of experience as a COO, CFO and board member, Eric has implemented, strengthened and lead the financial and operational functions for companies engaged in investment management,...
{ read Eric's full bio }

Michael Robbins - Principal Consultant, Business Plan Consultant

Michael Robbins - Principal Consultant

Seattle, WA

Michael Robbins has over 25 years of experience in financial services and he has contributed to the capitalization of 500 companies that raised hundreds of millions of dollars. As an...
{ read Michael's full bio }

Kyle Stoner, MBA - Principal Consultant, Business Plan Consultant

Kyle Stoner, MBA - Principal Consultant

Chicago, IL

Kyle is an experienced entrepreneur with over 13 years spent executing in operations, finance, and engineering. In 2014 he founded Alpha Lead, an innovative client acquisition software platform leveraging big...
{ read Kyle's full bio }

Adam T - Principal Consultant, Business Plan Consultant

Adam T - Principal Consultant

San Francisco, CA | São Paulo, Brazil

Adam has broad experience in new ventures and investor relations. His experience includes the positions of President/CFO at W2 Energy Development Corporation, CFO at Santa Cruz Guitar Company, and Senior...
{ read Adam's full bio }

Rick Tifone, MBA, CExP - Principal Consultant, Business Plan Consultant

Rick Tifone, MBA, CExP - Principal Consultant

Pittsburgh, PA

Rick brings over 25 years of executive management, marketing, sales, consulting, and exit planning experience to Cayenne. He has hands-on experience running startups and working with CEOs on strategic planning,...
{ read Rick's full bio }

Wayne Trattles, BCom CA - Principal Consultant, Business Plan Consultant

Wayne Trattles, BCom CA - Principal Consultant

Sydney, Australia

Wayne joined Deloitte Consulting in Sydney after graduating from Bond University. His specialties include business development, sales pitch development, business case modelling, capital raising, M&A transaction support, and business planning throughout...
{ read Wayne's full bio }

Tony Vicari, EA - Principal Consultant, Business Plan Consultant

Tony Vicari, EA - Principal Consultant

Orange County, CA

Tony brings over 20 years of experience in corporate finance, investment management, business development, sales and entrepreneurship to Cayenne Consulting. His industry experience includes working with companies in the financial...
{ read Tony's full bio }

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